Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the buying process going?

  1. You choose the domains and pay for them via Paypal.
  2. Once your payment is cleared by Paypal, within 24 hours you get either push of the domains to your registrar account or the domains auth codes by email.

2. What is the difference between Push and Transfer?

Most registrars support the free change of the domain owner account. This change of account is called push and is free of charge. The date of the domain registration remains one of the previous owners.

For example, domain is registered on August 01, 2013. You buy it on September 10, 2013, and the seller make a push to your account within the same registrar. In this case, you don’t pay anything to the registrar, and the next time you need to pay is August 01, 2014, when you need to renew the domain.

Some registrars however don’t support free push between accounts. In this case, the process is called transfer, you get the domain from another registrar and pay for the domain registration yearly from the day of the registration.

Likewise, if you buy a domain and register it with another registrant, you also need to pay for the registration.

3. Are the payments safe?

All payment transactions are performed by our processing provider Paypal in the most secure way in the industry.

4. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal.

5. What do all the metrics and parameters mean?


  • PR –  Page Rank


  • DA –  Domain Authority
  • PA –  Page Authority


  • TF –  Trust Flow
  • CF –  Citation Flow
  • RD –  Referring Domains


  • DR –  Domain Rank
  • RD –  Referring Domains

  • Age – site’s first appearance in the web archive

6. What does “www” remark by some metrics mean?

Some SEO metrics, for example MOZ Page Authority, differ if calculated for pages with and without www. If the canonical version of the previous site on this domain was with www, then most probably most backlinks to this domain also contain www and thus the metrics for www are higher.

7. Why I check the metrics of a domain and they differ from ones in the table?

All the metrics (except PR) are constantly fluctuating. We can’t check all of them and update the table in live mode. We check them and update the table once a week. But the fluctuations can’t be strong, the numbers are always more or less the same.

8. How long the domains are kept in my shopping cart? Can someone else buy them in the same time?

When you pick a domain to your shopping cart, it still remains visible on the table and anyone can also place it into his/her shopping cart. Then the first one who forms an order is getting the domain.

When you form an order, the domain disappears from the table. That’s why we ask you to pay for your order within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, we cancel your order and the domain returns to the public.

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